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I’ve been working with Terry developing a retirement plan that best fits my needs. He provides exceptional personalized service (even coming to see my wife and I out of state.) He’s been instrumental in recommending short, medium and longer-term strategies and products that will deliver a very comfortable income at retirement. Terry understands how to leverage money and knows how to mitigate investment risk. We’ve even taken measures to protect against unexpected healthcare expenses. He’s not just a great advisor, but a good friend as well. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Ron A.


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Terry Dennis

Terry A. Dennis, RFC®, CFEd® reveals some of the key components that make up the best annuities that the insurance space has to offer. Of over 2,600 different product combinations available, the 1,000,000 lines of code within the proprietary Annuity Check software narrows nearly every product combination down to the top 5 growth annuities available to you.

Find out your annuity score today!