Transparent Growth


Thomas and Martha saved diligently and invested in passive index funds – just how they were taught. They believed their investments would provide all they would need for retirement.


Inflation rose quickly and a recession hit just when Thomas and Martha began to enjoy their retirement. Markets tanked and forced Thomas and Martha to draw down their portfolio and Thomas back into the workforce - working a part-time job after 3 years of retirement.

Nobody plans to fail, but many fail to plan!

Don’t be Thomas and Martha.


Most advisors want to build you up, just to spend you down.

What most investors don't realize is:

Your plan at 45 CAN'T BE your plan at 60!


Your retirement plan shouldn't build you up, only to spend you down. This makes you vulnerable to the impact of losses & drawdowns.

At RetirementCheck, we seamlessly transition you through each phase of your financial journey - creating transparent growth, highest lifetime income ... protecting your retirement.

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