Long-Term Care


Even with a great plan to maximize her Social Security benefits, position her portfolio for downside market protection and lifetime income throughout her retirement.

Betty did NOT consider the devastating impact a long-term care event could have on her finances later in life. Fact is, she just didn’t want to think about it.

At age 81, Betty required personal care which left her saddled with rising healthcare bills and no way to pay without depleting her savings.

Don’t be Betty.


In the event of a qualifying health event, our exclusive RetirementCheck™ strategies show you how to pay for long-term care expenses .. and STAY at HOME!

Under one structure, your AT-HOME care costs could be largely (or fully) offset with the benefits provided by your RetirementCheck™ protections.


If your retirement is only prepared for the things you can prepare for... then you are not fully prepared!

Part of a Whole-istic™ retirement plan is ensuring that you are protected in a long-term care event - even at home.

With RetirementCheck, you are protected and have personalized options in a long-term care event.

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