Lifetime Income


Mark and Sandy are currently in their 60's and are concerned they may run out of money during retirement.

Their advisor had them in a cookie-cutter portfolio with the hope that market growth would sustain them throughout their retirements ("standard" risk-management).

What their broker didn't understand is that "standard" risk-management does NOT fully protect from losses & drawdowns. This can have a devastating impact on your retirement.

At RetirementCheck, we understand that a growing lifetime income - NOT only net worth - is what truly funds a worry-free retirement.

Mark and Sandy now have a comprehensive growth & income plan and the peace of mind knowing their money will last as long as they do.


Most advisors aren't Whole-istic™... and Mark and Sandy's advisor was no exception.

Like most advisors, his plan was to build them up... only to spend them down.

Their entire plan hinged on the hope that they wouldn't run out of money during retirement ...

... and hope is NOT a plan!


At RetirementCheck, we approach your retirement whole-istically™.

Since income - NOT net worth - is what truly funds your best retirement ... why would you work with an advisor who wants to risk your life's savings by building you up only to spend you down?

RetirementCheck positions you for the highest possible income for life!

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