Legacy Planning


The Johnson's worked hard their whole lives. They founded their own company, raised a beautiful family, and, thanks to their comprehensive RetirementCheck Plan, were able to enjoy their best retirement.

But retirement is not just about traveling, pursuing hobbies and visiting family & friends...

... it's also about what happens to your money after you're gone.

Your RetirementCheck Legacy plan empowers you to pre-settle your estate on your terms now, rather than someone else's or Uncle Sam's terms later.


RetirementCheck cares about the next generation.

Congratulations! You're now ready to bestow the powerful benefits of your RetirementCheck plan to the next generation.

You've enjoyed the peace of mind, knowing the benefits of:

  • Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits
  • Protecting You Against Losses & Drawdowns
  • Positioning You For Highest Possible Lifetime Income
  • Preparing Your For Qualifying Long-Term Care Events

Now, we can prepare you to pass on the effects of these powerful benefits to the ones you love the most.

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